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meangirlsstills's Journal

a new mean girls icon challenge community
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a icon challenge community for mean girls

about this community
this community is a icon challenge community for the movie mean girls. here you will find weekly icon challenge communities that relate to mean girls. you can participate, vote or both. mean girls is such a fantastic movie which i never get bored of, why not make an icon challenge community for it!? so join and participate :)

1) it is important that you read the rules and information in the challenge post itself. each challenge will be different each week.
2) challenges will run for 7 days, voting will be open 6 days and there may be possible extensions if participation is low. you will always be informed of these.
3) winners will be: 1st, 2nd, 3rd and special category.
4) each special category changes every week. special categories are optional and different from 1st, 2nd and 3rd. example special categories are: best text, best crop, best colour, best usable icon and many more.
5) to submit an icon you must comment on the challenge post, every challenge has comment screening turned on. there will be information on how to submit your icon in the challenge post with the rules.
6) each icon you submit must be made BY YOU and FOR THE CHALLENGE. do not take icons from somewhere else even if they were made a few weeks or years ago by you. every icon must be fresh. you must never steal icons from anywhere else, either. if you do this and i find out, and it has happened before, i will ban you from further challenges and voting.
7) and the same rule goes for asking people to vote for you. please do not do this.
8) have fun and experiment!
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